16. September 2019: Leading Peace! – Celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday

“Honesty and Truth are the best policy”

Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi, born on 2ndOctober 1869, played an instrumental role in achieving a peaceful transition to independence for Colonial India from Britain in1947. Gandhi’s principles and actions are based on Satyagrah (truth-force), humanity and non-violence. His particular brand of leadership has inspired many civil rights and freedom movements globally, and has become almost proverbial for signifying peace and non-violence.

To commemorate Gandhi’s immense achievements-and his struggle, the world is celebrating his 150th birth anniversary. In this evening, FS India Desk in collaboration with Consulate General of India and the Society for International Development, will be hosting an evening reception including vegetarian snacks, a panel discussion on the role of peace in an age of (economic) nationalism, and will display various works of art depicting Gandhi’s life.

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Interessierte Besucher bei der Veranstaltung in der Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.
Dr. Barbara Drexler (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management), Ms. Pratibha Parkar (Consul General of Republic of India), Norbert Noisser (President, SID-Frankfurt), Abhishek Gupta (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)